Advertising & Marketing

Heartfelt exposure

Surveys have revealed we are exposed to over 3,500 advertising and marketing messages each day. The sobering truth is that 99% of these have no impact on us whatsoever. Then there’s the situation where we remember a great ad – but cannot recall the product it was supposed to be selling. The fact we don’t remember 99% of the advertising messages we are exposed to often boils down to the fact we are not interested in the product – or if we are, the product’s message doesn’t engage us in a way that makes us what to know more. In the media marketplace you need to know who you are talking to otherwise your message is not only lost – your valuable marketing budget is wasted. Which is why when it comes to designing your advertising and marketing collateral, we don’t just want to know about the great product or service you’re offering. We take the time to explore with you everything you know about your customer base and who they are. That way – we all end up talking the same language and in a way your customers and clients present and potential, will engage with and want to explore. At BAAM there’s no such thing as a ‘scatter-gun’ approach. Your advertising budget is too valuable. Which is why we work to ensure you’re in the 1% – not the 99.